I’m one of the world’s many Bizzy Mamas.. Working through how I balance returning to work, running my own business and staying true to the promises I made about the kind of mama I want to be.

It’s not easy and I haven’t always got it right.. so I’m sharing my few words of wisdom, and having an outlet to rant and record my journey – warts and all. Not an ‘everything is roses’ mama here! I hope over time to create a portal for business mums to learn and grow, share experiences and support each other.

Before I had kids I had a pretty high flying career. Then we planned to start a family, I became pregnant and became exposed to the wonders of sexism and mysogyny.. turns out it wasn’t ok to be on the board and pregnant where I worked. I ended up taking time out of work to have our children. 5 years in total focused mostly on those little guys but now I’m taking things back and I am just getting back into the world of work.

I run my own successful businesses and have just taken a big step back into the corporate world. It’s been a real roller coaster and has taken me on a very personal journey that I never expected. So now I’m juggling… and dropping a lot of balls. I have lots to learn and so will have lots to share.

Mostly I want to help mums get back into work, or set up and run your own businesses – that works for your family and creates the work life balance we all yearn for. So whether you are a working mum, a business owning mum or you are planning on setting up and running your own business I want to be here to help. We business mamas need to stick together and it’s my aim to get us on our way!